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BRR international Inc - Canadian Lentils & Pulses 

Whole Red Lentils   

Also know as: Lentille, Lense, Lenteige, Masoor, Mercimek, Saabat Masoor, Desi Masoor, Masoor Matki, or Crimson. We supply in bulk or packing as per requirements of our customers. 

​​​​Lentils & Pulses -  BRR International Inc. Canada

​Welcome to BRR International, your soft commodity trading partners of choice in Canada. 

We are exporters of Canadian lentils, Pulses, chickpeas, Peas, Beans and other agri-based products with business partnerships in the Middle East and South East Asia. 

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Canadian beans are famous for their quality and high nutritian value. These include Red Kidney Beans, Dark Red Kidney Beans, Small Red Kidney Beans, Navy Beans, Black Beans, and Craneberry beans etc.  

Split Red Lentil

The most common type of red lentil is the Split Red Lentil.  Split red lentils are made from splitting the whole red lentil. We supply in bulk packing or with many other packing options to suit our customer requirements.  

Kabuli    (Chickpeas)

Normally 8, 9, 10 mm in size. A product of Canada, high in fat content and are a good source of calcium, the B Vitamins, protein and iron. We  supply in bulk or packing as per requirements of our customers.